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Heres a snapshot of our recent Archimake workshops across London;

See our latest Summer Camp visits and sketches!

See how we made the Archimake Pavilion in Islington for National Parks City Week

What teachers are saying..

"I love what you guys are producing in the workshop. It would be great to be able to showcase what the children have learnt during the sessions."
Ms Baxter, Deputy Head, Kings Cross Academy

Excellent tutors and workshop. The students were engaged throughout the workshop.” 

Yr 5 Teacher, Redcliffe Primary School

“Archimake is proving really popular! We have had a very old response. 10 children have been selected and we do have a waiting list in case anyone drops out.”

Michele Gordon, Kings Cross Academy

What parents are saying..

Thanks again for yesterday's workshop, [my son] absolutely loved it.” 

Ms. M. Mocellin, mum

“Thank you..What you're doing is amazing. Im really impressed how [my daughter] presented her work!”

Mr C Aguilar, dad

“Thank you..[my son] has sat down and gone through week by week with his dad. He is so proud of his work. Thank you!”

Mrs. K. Mark, mum

You offer such creative, inventive, imaginative and inspiring educational workshops that allow our children to grasp and assimilate concepts in an organic manner unimpeded by logical constraints of a conditioned mind. Freedom to create intuitively in turn also creates a new and valued generation who will know no limits and therefore breakdown the hard held boundaries of over intellectualisation; generating a synergy of new and insightful solutions in an ever changing world. Thank you.” 

Ms. Cope-Tylee, mum

Latest Archimake Achievements

We are extremely proud of Archimakers for having successfully transformed original designs created in archimake workshops into a real building ready to play in! See the video for the design steps from drawing to model and full scale building!
Designed, Drawn, Modelled and Built by children!

From these designs by Ariya and Anton in the Islington workshops to...

...this wonderful team model by Keira, Ariya and Anton, with assistance from Irina Ursu and Ope Adeyileka to...

...this fantastic childrens pavilion! Built by one of the original designers, Anton and the Archimaking team, Alex, Afra, Lucas, Sonny, Jules, Alex with the help of other islington families.
Archimake are extremely grateful to Helen Hawker, Eli Gutfreund and John Little from Conisbee Engineers who helped with selecting and setting up the foundations for the pavilion. We would also like to thank the Archimake Team, Irina Ursu, Ope Adeyileka, Anca Malasincu, Margaret Costa Abhiroop Battacharya and Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves.
The Archimake Pavilion will be in place for 2 weeks. More photos below...

Summer Camp started soon after and was full of exciting projects to visit, inspire and practise drawing and making skills! Click here to see more!

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Our Tate Modern visit began with a relaxing play in the gardens at the foot of the building. The looming chimney of the former power station behind us reminded the group of the exciting creative experience that would be next on the agenda.

As the space in the gardens became less available, Archimakers entertained themselves with Exploding Kittens card game instead of football activity.

We visited the Switch House first and after modelling this we took stations at the electronic drawing screens to explode our sketches on enormous screens in the Tate - exactly where they deserved to be displayed!

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Archimake Founder Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves describing the concept for Archimake;

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