Young People's Architecture & Engineering Academy


"Hi Cheryl and Joyce, Thanks again for yesterday's workshop, [my son] absolutely loved it.” 

“Thank you..[my son] has sat down and gone through week by week with his dad. He is so proud of his work. Thank you!”

You offer such creative, inventive, imaginative and inspiring educational workshops that allow our children to grasp and assimilate concepts in an organic manner unimpeded by logical constraints of a conditioned mind. Freedom to create intuitively in turn also creates a new and valued generation who will know no limits and therefore breakdown the hard held boundaries of over intellectualisation; generating a synergy of new and insightful solutions in an ever changing world. Thank you.” 

Ms. M. Mocellin, mother of Archimake member aged 5

Ms. K. Mark, mother of Archimake member aged 8, Kingston worshop

Ms Cope Tylee, mother of Archimake member aged 9

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