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Welcome to the Archimake Shop!

Our Shop allows us to spread the enjoyment of ideas developed in Archimake workshops.

You can order an Archimake Activity Book, or your child's artwork as fridge magnets or A5 portfolio booklets.

You can buy fridge magnets of your child's artwork at any time.  All the designs are unique and a result of creativity explored during our workshops. These make unique gifts, perfect for all occasions, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays and Christmas!

Activity Book

Archimake Badge/Fridge Magnet
Artist Name: (If 5, email us)
Badge title: (If 5, email us)

Archimake Colouring Activity book, 9 drawings to complete and a word search. £15

Ice House for Zane, L. Pilliner Lorente (7)

The Top Tower House model, S. Mocellin Schoeffer (5)

The Top Tower House drawing, S. Mocellin Schoeffer (5)

Building section with hatching for depth, M. Langton (13)

Model of Water House for Poseidon, God of the Sea, with crashing wave, L.Pilliner Lorente (6)

Water House for Poseidon, God of the Sea, L.Pilliner Lorente (6)

'Man in Arsenal Kit' in Stockwell Bus Garage, L.Pilliner Lorente, Aged 6

Ice House for Zane Step 8, L. Pilliner Lorente (7)

Pokemon rock cave drawing for Onix, S. Mocellin Schoeffer (5)

Gravestone House for Hades, God of the Underworld, M. Faulkner (6)

Model of Gravestone House for Hades, M.Faulkner (6)

Model of Hephaestus, with Fire House, M.Dewey (5)

Fire House for Hephaestus, God of Fire, M.Dewey (5)

'Someone is flying' at Christ Church Spitalfields, Marco (6)

Pokemon rock cave for Onix, S. Mocellin Schoeffer (5)

Temple for Zeus God of Lightning, T.Ayling (9)

Model of Temple for Zeus, God of Lightning, with lightning bolt, T.Ayling (9)

Model of hut for Percy Jackson, in Camp Half-Blood, with towering wave, A.Pilliner Lorente (9)

Temple for Poseidon, God of the Sea, A.Pilliner Lorente (9)

'Hover Smash Building', T.Ayling Aged (9)

'Tate Skateboard' at Switch House, A.Pilliner Lorente, Aged (8)

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