Archimake Newsletter 17

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

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Work Experience Opportunity

If your child is 15-18 and doesnt have a Bronze Award or isn't enrolled on Archimake workshops they can still apply for a work experience place with us. Evidence will be needed to demonstrate drawing ability and interest in the built environment.
The deadline for May half term is May 1st. For Summer work experience in the last week of July the deadline is 1st June

Latest News

STEM Week at Normanhurst

We are delighted to have delivered 10 workshops to children in year 3-9 at Normanhurst School in Chingford. Thanks Christabel, Grayson & Toby or leading fun workshops which were a marathon 3 topics in a 20-minute presentation!
If your school would like Archimake to deliver workshops, please get in touch by clicking this link

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Prerecorded workshops REMINDER

We have changed our booking page for the pre-recorded workshops.
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10% Early Bird OFFER - Autumn Term

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Archimake Extension

We now have Archimake Extension which includes our qualifications and industry educational events including LAMDA, Work Experience & Interviews.
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Workshop Updates

Kings X Workshop Summary

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NBHP Workshop Summary
This week was a remarkable opportunity for us to delve into the vast realm of natural and artificial floating islands, showcasing limitless potential. The students were utterly mesmerized by the prospect that nature could create mini floating islands, while the artificial island in Dubai left them in sheer wonder with its incredible array of hospitals, monorails, resorts, and exhilarating activities.
The pinnacle of our exploration was examining the Terayatch's conceptual design, a colossal floating island grand enough to host an entire city across the vast expanse of the world's oceans! It was a sheer delight to witness the students' imaginative faculties unleashed on paper, manifesting through vibrant colors, profound context, and their meticulous comprehension of Plan View.
-Solomon Alfred
Kings X Workshop Summary
Week 8 of Archimake was an exciting workshop focusing on designing a floating island which would be self sustaining and incorporate the previous weeks flood proof housing. The students had to brain storm what they thought should be included on an island which was self sustaining. For the students this included a Hospital, Fire Station, School, Transport, Parks and more.
The flooding caused by the global climate crisis means that Architects have to find new design solutions. This workshop aimed to develop and advance the students creative problem solving skills.
The students produced a wide variety of designs and it was fantastic to see how everyone's approach to design varied. The students individual ways of working have developed over the last 2 terms showing how the students of Archimake are learning to think independently.
- Charlotte Tinker

Study of floating islands in the Middle East and the floating yacht

This week we drew plans of an artificial island which is self sustaining in terms of energy

Stars of the Week!

Haruka, Thomas, Lucy, Ivan, Scarlett

Star of the Week