Autumn Term Portfolios 2019 HA0

Autumn Term Portfolios 2019

Thank you for being a Portfolio Appraiser and for giving awards this term it is greatly appreciated. Your input is highly valued and we would very much like to have your feedback on the work seen.

This term we explored the Bauhaus as a precedent as this year we celebrate 100 years since it began in 1919. We looked at the structure of the Foundation year set up by Johannes Itten, also the colour theories he established. We explored representation in hatching, shadow, perspective. We moved on to material investigations in paper and then wire and used the bauhaus chairs as inspiration for the model making.

For the second half of term we explored how to extend the methods of making the chairs into making a simple structure - a bus shelter. Many explored cantilevering as this was a key aspect of the Marcel Breuer chairs. From the simple structure, we moved onto a more complex temporary structure with a given site - a kiosk in Coal Drops Yard. Each member of the group was encouraged to identify their own function that the kiosk would provide. We then drew the models in context of the Coal Drops Yard.

Your award can be given to 1 person in each age group below. On the first page of the presentation below their name is shown how many terms they have attended archimake. NS= New Starter. * = Has confirmed they will attend on 30th November.

To view the portfolio click on the name of the child. You will see the presentation as a youtube video. (To pause each image press space bar to stop and start video).

There are 3 groups NW1 has 10 children, N1C has 8 and BR1 has 5, N1C has 8 children. N1C will be presenting on Saturday 30th November at Coal Drops Yard (when you are invited to give your award in person) and a couple of children will attend from NW1 and hopefully BR1. If we know we have an award for them they will be encouraged to attend on 30th November to collect in person. When viewing the work please keep in mind N1C has a longer workshop period of 1.5 hrs and therefore make further progress.

If time is limited, please prioritise appraising the portfolios of 2 groups in N1C. Those joining from other groups for the 30th November (Zander, Emile, Leo & Georgie) have had their portfolios added and have an * to their name..