Online Easter Camp Workshop Wk2


Online Easter Camp Workshop: Tuesday 14th - Friday 17th April @ 10-11.30am

Click button below to join our live youtube workshop. Please subscribe to interact during the workshop.

Please upload a photo of your drawing by clicking on the upload drawing button when asked during the workshop. You will be asked to do this at approximately 10.40 and again at 11.20

Please leave your feedback by clicking the feedback button.

Materials needed are;

Archimake paper (Click here for Archimake A4 paper (portrait))

If not Archimake paper, any paper will be OK

drawing pencil

coloured pencils or pens



During Workshop

Please upload your photo of drawing or model here, so they can be shared during the workshop!


When uploading you will be asked for your 'First', 'Last' name & email.

For 'First name' enter your alias name (ensure your alias or name is written on your drawing!)

You can leave 'Second Name' empty if you like.

For 'email' write ''