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Fun, structured accredited course in STEM, architecture & design workshops for children aged 7+
100% success pass rate and accredited for Level 1, 2 & 3 national qualifications (equivalent to GCSE and AS Level)
Your child has fun whilst also gaining a national qualification for life
Ideal for children who are creative and love making! Proven to achieve creative confidence.
Work Experience opportunities for children aged 15+
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Commendation for Inspire Future Generation Awards 2022
Shortlist: Inspire Future Generations Award 2021 (TET)
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Won Best Architecture Education Provider 2018
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Won Big Idea Staff Category Award 2016
Created by Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves, qualified architect and academic, featured TV Expert on BBC TV and Channel 4, chartered member of the Royal Institute 0f British Architects (RIBA) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and also Fellow of Advance HE. Cheryl has developed, tried & tested her technique over her 18 years of teaching experience at London Metropolitan University, City University and The Engineering & Design Institute. Supports the national curriculum. For home or school use & excellent for all children who like being creative.
For parents to use at home with their child
These are on Sunday afternoon in Kings Cross and on Zoom
Entry Level 3, Level 1 & Level 2 (GCSE equivalent)
Career Highlights from Leading Industry Professionals
Enrichment workshops developing STEAM & communication skills
Career Highlights from Leading Industry Professionals
Entry Level 3, Level 1 & Level 2 (GCSE equivalent)
End of Term Project Presentations

Choose the right course for you

Fun live online lessons teach architecture design skills & printable worksheets enable practice to develop skills

In person workshops on Sunday afternoons in Kings Cross, London, UK

Choose single or double workshops or series of 1 x 10 workshops

Perfect for all children including those with

High IQ
Aspergers Syndrome
Right & Left Handers

Boost Confidence & Increase Grades

Increased communication skills result in greater confidence to share ideas through speaking, drawing, writing and making

Proven Method to Achieve Design Confidence

Through regular peer group presentations it becomes easy to share ideas and know they are valued by others. Only ideas that are shared can be made into something real.

Some of Our Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thank you so much Cheryl and to all the teachers because its been really, really great. I think its given the kids, I know with [my son], so much confidence in their ability to come up with inventive ideas in their creativity to trust in that and be given some support and encouragement with that. I would never ever have imagined when we joined that he would be able to confidently tackle a presentation like this and its really, really helped incredibly. And I’ve seen with his drawing and his sense of perspective and just confidence in his own abilities it’s just enormously improved, so I just want to say thank you so much I think its a really great project that you’re doing.”
E Fullerton, London Parent of young person with Dyspraxia who successfully completed Archimake Level 1 Certificate national qualification, equivalent to GCSE at first attempt.
"Overall, having engaged in the tasks outlined by Archimake and inspired by their contextual studies, children presented a wide-depth of knowledge and a diversity of ideas that reflected sustainable thinking, a concern for societal issues such as poverty, climate change and the environment, saving energy, rising housing cost. These ideas have the potential to be explored further and this is something Archimake could undertake with students returning to them in following terms. What was remarkable also was their self-reliance, confidence, and technological and verbal command. While some presentations relied on material explorations with a more hands-on approach, others employed modelling software and gaming technology such as Minecraft; either way all children presented their work with utmost professionalism"
P. Sinha, Cambridge University
In my opinion, what was crucial to, and led to the eventual success of, the project were four defining aspects of Archimake’s planning and teaching: a) the gradual advancement of tasks, over every week; b) building a holistic understanding of architecture and children’s capacity for analysing, drawing, structural detailing, representation and presentation; c) the platform to express themselves verbally, textually, practically and technologically in consultation with their peer and tutors; and d) a transdisciplinary space for children to embody their aesthetic, affective, architectural and socially-responsive learnings."
P. Sinha, Cambridge University

Archimake is one of the only accredited childrens Architecture & Design education providers. So your child can have fun being creative whilst also gaining a national qualification for their future career!

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