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Workshops Towards a Qualification

If your child would like a longer course of workshops you may want to consider purchasing multiple themes which has some great discounts. If used weekly 3 themes is equal to 1 academic year of workshops.
The Award assessment is purchased separately to the workshops. More on Qualifications here


What to expect of the Pre-recorded workshops;

  • Choose any of the themes to begin learning.
  • Each Theme consists of 10 workshops.
  • Approximately 30 mins - 1 hour is sufficient for the workshop & drawing activity.
  • Young children should be supported by an adult with model making, use of scissors and holding things for glueing or taping.
  • You will be informed of all materials, tools and paper needed when you purchase your Workshop Theme.  They are general materials used in schools.
  • The taught component is approximately 10 minutes but pausing is recommended.
  • Creative activity can be from 20 minutes upwards depending on age and ability.
  • Workshop content is released weekly


Can my child get a qualification from these workshops?

  • Yes! Under 11's will need to complete 3 themes to carry out the Explore national qualification.
  • Yes! Over 11's will need to complete 4 themes to be able to carry out the Bronze Level 1 national qualification, which is equivalent to GCSE.
  •  The Qualification course is available to purchase separately and leads to an examination portfolio, whilst the Themes provide the coursework.
  • The Qualification course requires independent work by the young person, which is assessed by Archimake and external moderators.

Pre-recorded Interviews with Architects & Engineers

  • These interviews are carried out by Archimakers to learn about what it is like to be a professional architect or engineer
  • The interviews are approximately 20-25 minutes each in length and give suggestions on inspiring books and buildings for young people to look at

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