Archimake Newsletter 5 Spring 22

Archimake modelmaking

Archimake Newsletter 5 This week was the children’s favourite since it meant finally working on models! Our children enjoy working on models and have been waiting the since the beginning […]

Archimake Newsletter 4 Spring 22 kai Kew gardens Tree house design

Archimake Newsletter 4 Our highlight of the week is that our Archimakers designs have been inspiration for a real architecture competition! We have collaborated with Unionne, a female led architecture […]

Archimake Newsletter 2 Spring 22

Conor Royal Ballet School bridge of aspiration Wilkinson Eyre

Archimake Newsletter 2 This week Archimakers were introduced to Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre who sadly passed away in December 2021. They learnt about the practices landmark projects and were […]