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Archimake Newsletter 16

Projects Review, drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly workshops this term.

Project Review Spring 2023

Here's some images from our recent Project Review

Latest News

Spring 23 Projects Review

We are very proud of our Archimakers presenting their fantastic projects at our Archimake Project Review at Samsung KX, this term! We are extremely grateful to Adam Khan or Adam Khan Architects and Prabhat Arora of Zaha Hadid Architects, for joining us as guest reviewers.
The children’s drawings included the Brockholes Floating Visitor Centre by Adam Khan Architects, the mix of traditional and modern design by Vivienne Westwood and Groupwork, Amin Taha, orthographic drawing studies and exemplar models.
Well done to all the Archimakers who participated and produced such great work this term! We’d also like to thank our participating schools Northbridge House Prep & Senior School, Queens Park School & Westminster Children's University, and our great team; Matuesz Brzozowski Prabhat Arora, Ivy Edemafaka, Grayson Utuk, Toby Solomon Alfred, Christabel Kirabo, & Charlotte Tinker, Mercy Olawuni and Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves for running such amazing workshops!

Projects Review

100% Pass Rate for Bronze Award!

Congratulations to our Bronze Award holders who all successfully passed the assessment this term!
We are delighted to now have 9 children who have passed their bronze award with Archimake.
These children aged 11 - 13 now have a Level 1 national qualification equivalent to a GCSE!
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Summer Term Start!

Summer Term Start!
We are looking forward to our Summer Term starting soon. The date of our first weekend workshop is Sunday 23rd April. We hope you join us - it will be a fun and insightful journey into architecture, design and the built environment.
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Work Experience Success

We're delighted to hear that our first Archimakers Work Experience week has been a success!
Our 2 Archimakers aged 14 & 15 who have been at Archimake over 5 years impressed the studio of architects, assistants and founding director at Groupwork when asked to present their project to the whole office at the end of the week. Due to the numerous Projects Review presentations they met the challenge with ease (one has just passed their LAMDA Grade 1) Architects expressed surprise that they had designed their projects in just over a day.
Due to having few 14 year olds in Archimake, future work experience registrations are open to all with discounts for enrolled Bronze Award holders.

Work Experience Registration

Our Latest WORK

Our Latest WORK

Workshop Updates

Kings X Workshop Summary
The children's designs came to life in this workshop as Celina further developed her design to include multiple functions: a food shop and a cafe above. Her building is accessed via the chimney. - Ivy
Scarlett developed her design on orthographic drawing and included greenery. She took inspiration from heatherwick's coal drop yard building and adapted it into a flood resistant house. - Ivy
NBHP Workshop Summary
This week, the students embarked on an exciting journey of discovery as they delved into the fascinating world of Orthographic Drawings.
With Orthographic Drawing, objects are projected onto their orthogonal planes in a parallel projection, creating a clear and unambiguous representation of their three-dimensional nature.
The students were deeply engrossed in this concept, and they eagerly immersed themselves in exploring it through their own designs from the previous week.
Witnessing their newfound understanding and passion was a true pleasure, as they forged new connections in their design journey and pushed the boundaries of their creativity. - Solomon
NBS Workshop Summary
For this week’s workshop the children had the great opportunity to explore how effective an orthographic drawing can be. The children engaged well in the understanding of how to create depth using different shading techniques. They also got to dive into how to show material and texture through drawing.
Moving onto the task the children had the task to draw their flood resistant house in orthographic views. During the task some views were a bit challenging but the children really made a great effort to problem solve.
Overall the children engaged really well and showed great progress in understanding what they had learnt. - Christabel
Kings X Workshop Summary

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NBHP Workshop Summary
At the Monday Archimake workshop at NBHP school children were tasked to make a model of their flood resistant house design. They worked in groups of three.
They've continued their designs from orthographic drawings to give us these wonderful models of flood resistant houses.
They worked very well together as a team and completed their models with material textures.
- Ivy
During this week's lesson, we put into practice the skills and techniques we learned in previous sessions. We selected a few practical designs, and the students were pleased with the process of transforming their conceptual ideas into tangible designs.
I am proud to have overseen the remarkable designs that were produced. The students thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively to create them and had a fun time doing so.
- Solomon
Kings X Workshop Summary
All the Sunday children in KX3 worked very well in the workshop. They all individually made their models to the exact design of their orthographic drawing.
They also began to include material textures in their work.
- Ivy
For week 7 of the Archimake Samsung KX Group 1 workshops the students focused on model making. The students were divided into 2 groups and voted on which group member's design to create. This workshop encouraged the students to think creatively in 3D using the materials available.
It was interesting to see how the models progressed in response to being flood resistant with one group using a combination of a pontoon and stilts. The students were engaged throughout and were challenged to use their problem solving skills. Something which is important to develop in future Architects in response to the climate crisis.
- Charlotte

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NBS Workshop Summary
For this weeks workshop at archimake the children had the opportunity to explore the great use of and effectiveness on materials. In the presentation they were shown creative ways on how to represent water and solar panels and different materials easily using a pen also with a show case of some portfolio work from a student.
They then got into their group and began the creative process of making their Flood Resistant house. As the children dove into the task they had great fun helping each other in making the model. In the process the children showed good understanding to what materials to use to represent the water, brick and concrete.
Overall I believe they all have fun and showed a good level of a supportive spirit.
- Christabel

Projects Review

Fantastic presentations by Archimakers with presentations by Guest Reviewers Adam Khan of Adam Khan Architects and Prabhat Arora of Zaha Hadid Architects

Our Latest Drawings of Orthographic Drawing Studies

We learnt about high quality contemporary examples of orthographic drawings showing materiality and depth through shading techniques.

Model making workshop techniques

This week we used examples from our own architecture portfolio project to make models of the visitor centre.

Stars of the Week!

Scarlett, Can, Cyrus, Lachlan, Fong, Haruka

Stars of the Week!

Celina, Antonio, Can, Devin and Bowen

Star of the Week