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Archimake Newsletter 15

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

Our Latest WORK

Work Experience Programme

We are pleased to share that we have succeeded with obtaining confirmed work experience places at leading London architecture practices for this Easter. Whilst the few places secured are for our eldest Archimakers aged 15+ (Yr 10), we have arranged that Archimkaers in year 9 who have demonstrated maturity may also be considered to apply.
This is an exciting opportunity which we hope Archimakers will embrace. The Work Experience programme is eligible for Bronze or Silver Award holders and particularly suitable for Silver Award students to complete their Unit 1 Part D section. If this interests you, please click below and select the 'Event' tab.

Work Experience

New Booking System

You may have noticed our new booking system we are testing out. We believe this is an easier system than our previous method and will enable you to have access to your booking data at any time. The filter system will also make finding the particular workshop time or event you are looking for a much easier process.
We hope you find it straight forward but do let us know if you have any questions or if something doesn’t work expected.
Due to practicalities, we have full term bookings only in advance of the term start and partial term bookings from the term start date.

New Booking Page

LAMDA Public Speaking & Communication

We are delighted to confirm that as a result of Archimakers termly verbal presentation practice and the excellent Verbal Presentation workshops by Kosser Sheikh last term; 2 of our Archimakers passed their LAMDA Public Speaking & Communication exams receiving their Grade 1 with a Merit and Distinction!
We are extremely grateful to Kosser helping to align the presentation skills developed in Archimake, to gain success in this nationally recognised institution. If this interests you, please send your expression of interest by clicking below and selecting the 'Event' tab.

Expression of Interest in Public Speaking

Workshop Updates

NBHP Workshop Summary
This week, our students have been getting to grips with the fabulous world of design (more so leaning towards fashion), delving deep into the archives of iconoclastic designer Vivienne Westwood. Renowned for her witty, irreverent style, Westwood had been a significant influence on the fashion world since the 1970s, inspiring countless designers with her playful approach and daring designs.
The students have also been exploring the work of Amin Taha, a rising star in architecture, whose innovative approach has won him critical acclaim. In a fascinating twist, the students were challenged to apply their newfound knowledge to real-world problems, using their creativity to design flood-resistant houses that could withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.
It's been a thrilling journey of discovery for these young designers, and it was a pleasure teaching and witnessing their creative outcomes. I can't wait to see what they come up with next week!
- Solomon
Kings X Workshop Summary
This week the students developed their conceptual thinking to design a canal side house. The drawings produced showed a great understanding of context and creative thinking. - Charlotte
We introduced a designer Vivienne Westwood, who was inspired by traditional style but put her own fun spin on it. This allowed the archimakers to how architects have fun with their designs by playing around with old and new technologies. - Saima
Brilliant response to the long presentation about Dame Vivienne Westwood as well as the modern buildings fitting into context. - Mateusz
This workshop has developed the skills and understanding of the student's listening, drawing and understanding of context and sites. - Ivy
NBS Workshop Summary
Last week at Archimake the children learned about flood resistant techniques in order to design a house near a body of water that may have to deal with a rise in water levels due to the effects of climate change.
- Grayson

Our Latest Designs of a flood resistant house that also makes good use of water recycling.

Paying Homage to Vivienne Westwood, we looked at combining traditional and modern materials or design styles to design a house that sits beside the Regents Canal at Kings Cross.

Stars of the Week!

Matt, Celina, Muyao, Haruka, Antonio, Carraro, Mat, Anton, Nojus and Jadyn

Star of the Week