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Archimake Newsletter 14

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

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Project Review Event

We have an exciting event this Saturday 25 March - our Project Review day! Join us as Archimakers share their latest projects and showcase their creativity and hard work. We can't wait to see you there!

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Archimake Silver Award

We are delighted to now offer the Archimake Silver Award which is a Level 2 National Qualification, equivalent to GCSE Grade 5-9. We have 5 children who have started the award this term. To be eligible, your child will need to complete 6 terms of Archimake workshops.
We also have a fast track to complete the workshops by attending holiday camps.
Archimake Silver Award can be booked now as a full course with the workshops for new starters or the assessment alone.

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Work Experience

We are delighted to have 3 work placement offers to Archimakers for this coming Easter holiday! Due to the young age of our Archimakers we have just 2 Archimakers for these placements. We will be sad to leave one unfilled but hope we have the opportunity available again in Summer. If this interests you for that period, please get in touch.

Work Experience

Early Bird OFFER - Autumn Term

 Term workshops are now available to book.

We have a special Early Bird 20% Discount OFF the Full 10-week Autumn Term 2023!

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Offer ends Saturday 25th March at 1.30pm

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Workshop Updates

NBS Workshop Summary

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Kings X Workshop Summary
The kids managed to work well in small teams and produced very good models. I was impressed by the speed at which everyone worked but had a lot fun doing it. Great modelling and teamwork.
- Mateusz
NBHP Workshop Summary
This week I had the joy of seeing our students' eyes shine with excitement as they got the news that this week we will be creating a model of a Vernacular Malaysian House.
They got stuck right in and were able to create incredible models, and make certain connections between the materials they have and how to construct them in such a way that their designs will be able to stand firm in place.
Though some did struggle at first, by the end of the lesson they were desiring to commit more time to give their design that extra touch.

See the linkedin post

NBS Workshop Summary
The children got to learn and understand the significance of why models are used and necessary in architectural practice. They also got to explore how they could be made by looking at some popular materials used to make the models. They also got to know what equipment would be used well to make the models.
Following the presentation the students dive straight in to making their models, all having chosen to make the Malaysian vernacular house.
The students really used their imagination to create their creation. And produced some really nice work.

Model making workshop techniques

This week we used examples from our own architecture portfolio project to make models of the visitor centre.

Stars of the Week!

Thomas, Scarlett, Haruka, Can, Mu Yao, Tarun, Daija, Caio, Jadyn, Antonio, Carraro

Star of the Week