Autumn Term Alperton Portfolio

WK8 HA0 Madihah

@archimake ##tiktokpoll ##first ##architecture ##portfolio age 10 ##london ##homeschool ##homeeducation ##lovedrawing ##designer ♬ Vibe – Cookiee Kawaii One of our recent portfolios from our Alperton workshop!

Bauhaus100 Seasonal Cards

Zander card

We’re very excited to have available our unique Bauhaus100 inspired seasonal cards designed by archimakers this term! 10% of profits from the cards go towards the Archimake University Scholarship fund […]

Bauhaus100 Marcel Breuer chairs

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Enjoyable workshop at Bromley inspired by Bauhaus chairs. Marcel Breuer Cesca chair was most popular to make. The various sizes were great to highlight the importance of using a ruler. […]

Bauhaus 100 Metal Party Halloween Masks

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Scary Halloween masks created during our Bromley workshop this week showing how the Bauhaus Metal Party inspired their unique designs. Metal has been creatively explored in this short workshop

168 Upper St by Groupwork Amin Taha

Archimakers enjoyed their visit to RIBA Award winner 168 Upper Street by Groupwork and Amin Taha. Simon of Aria kindly gave a presentation of the project to the group. Heres […]

Max Fordham House – Bere:Architects

Archimakers were inspired by the energy efficient house designed for Max Fordham by Bere Architects. Max Fordham is a world famous environmental engineer whose company helps architects to create environmental […]

Pavilion Den Building

We are extremely proud of Archimakers for having successfully transformed original designs created in archimake workshops into a real building ready to play in! See the video for the design […]

Sea House Project

This Archimaker designed a Sea House and was very convincing with his idea for the house that his fellow group members voted to build a model of it! Well done […]

Sea House Presentation

So proud of the End of Term Presentations this term! Our new Archimakers in Hertfordshire have done incredibly well as you can see here…

Herts Modelmaking

Winning designs have been voted by the group and modelmaking begins in ernest! Watch this space..!

Herts House Designs

Wonderful range of house designs for our sea view site. All Archimakers chose their designs to have load bearing structure. One design has “a viewing room so you can see […]

Farnsworth House in Islington

Enthusiastic modeling of the Farnsworth House by our Archimakers during our latest Saturday workshop! They loved the design, the windows all around and how the house becomes one with the […]

Barcelona Pavilion in Potters Bar

Archimakers made an excellent Barcelona Pavilion in today’s Herts workshop! One Archimaker exclaimed “I want to look this building up when I get home so I can build it in […]

Frank Lloyd Wright

Inspired by the iconic Falling Water, Leo, age 9; “I really like the way the building goes in and out! I would like my house to be like that.” So […]


Archimakers have succeeded in making an outstanding range of models this week! Well done to everyone for the excellent teamwork and collaborative effort.

online designing

Extremely successful outcome for our 9 yr old online Archimaker in Sheffield! Her pavilion is inspired by those introduced in the workshops and one by Francis Kere that she visited […]

final models

Archimakers succeeded to work in groups to make these wonderful models of their designs, showing circulation, materials and excellent understanding of structure. Elevation drawings were also a huge success! 

Online Workshop outcomes

Another excellent online workshop resulting in what we believe to be the best elevation drawing of this building we’ve seen so far! Esme created this wonderful elevation of the Selgascano […]

Structural models

Structural pavilions for today’s workshop. Even though it was a tricky task, Archimakers created their models and drawings with great success! We can see their progress week by week, and […]

Learning is Fun

Happy New Chinese Year! 新年快乐 As a Chinese proverb says: ”Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” And learning at #archimake is fun! Archimakers are ready to […]

Final Model

Archimakers achieve practical completion of their model of the Selgascano Architects Serpentine pavilion inhabited by Pokemon! A wonderful outcome of their great teamwork!

Drawing Model

We had a very successful workshop where the children “dressed” their wire models of the Selgascano Architects Serpentine pavilion and captured the views on paper! They worked focused, with creative […]

Sheffield Online

Well done to our Sheffield Archimaker who achieved an impressive paper pavilion through attending today’s online workshop! Our Archimaker says what she likes most is that “it’s very curvy and […]

Archimake Award

We have been struggling to find an appropriate award for our Archimakers at the end of the term. There are lots of sports awards, lots of art awards, but no […]