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Landscape Architecture with Yuhei Nakajima of AECOM


Successful Landscape Design with guest workshop leader Yuhei Nakajima from AECOM!

In this workshop Yuhei introduced landscape design methods and let Archimakers create a park of their own.

Here is Yuhei Nakajima's review of the workshop;

"As a first time experience of working with Children, I used all my imagination to prepare for the workshop. Despite of all the concern, all of children had a great sense of scale and unique imagination to design their own park spaces.

Once their endless imagination were activated and connected with their crafty hands, they did not need any help but kept creating their own imaginative world. Sometimes we professionals think too much and caught up with the conventional thinking but how fun and exciting it looks their spaces are!

In my opinion, creating a space is fundamental ability of human being built in our memory, releasing this ability through landscape design brings joy and excitement. This can-do exercise will certainly build up their confidence since the uniqueness is appreciated and give insight of how the outside space was constructed when they go outside. It also enables them to gain a view of how different people would act in public spaces. That cultivates their ability of compassion and generosity toward others.

There are so many ways for children to discover the way they express themselves and the Archimake's workshop is one of them. Design/ art activity allow them to use their hands and embody what they have in mind. Art is also used for the healing exercise and it is an amazing tool to engage children to the thing itself. Architecture workshop is a unique in a sense that it gives them some limitations (or perhaps promotes the activity) by thinking about spatial qualities as if they are inhabiting in the space whilst creating. It also has a potential that creating from inside out brings out their imagination and different approach to activate their creative desires.

And simply, I think whether children has a dream about being an architect or does not know about designing work at all, great thing is that Archimake is providing an opportunity for children to be exposed to the fun space making world. Just like I have gained from one of their workshop, not only Archimake is providing a opportunity to children, but they are also providing an opportunity for professionals to simply think about what architecture is in a simplest words, and learn from children joy of creating spaces. Re-discovering those simple excitement is actually a very important thing for us professionals engaged with everyday works for people."

-Yuhei Nakajima (landscape architect from AECOM London)

Curriculum subjects included Art, Design, creativity, modelling skills, social enagagement, citizenship, focus and presentation skills. 

Workshop Leaders; Yuhei Nakajima, Jade Zheng (US Architect, LEED)

Workshop Author; Yuhei Nakajima

Workshop Assistants; Joe Scragg & Georgina Fairhurst


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