Bridge Truss

bridge success e1519563755193
bridge success e1519563755193

Successful Bridge Truss Design!

In this weeks workshop we explored how to use small units to create a large truss structure. The group mastered the joinery requirements to create an impressive bridge that held up 9 pencils, 2 pencil sharpeners and 3 erasers.


This workshop built on understanding of modular structures, junctions and triangular geometry. By pulling all these ideas together students created a useful object with elegance and strength which can be found in everyday building examples. Students also learnt about span and balance. The testing exercise was great fun and seeing how and where the structure began to fail was a valuable learning experience.

Curriculum subjects included Art, Design, Technology, physics, load, span, balance, modelling skills. 

Workshop Leader; Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA), Assistant; Elixabete Marin (BArch)

Workshop Author; Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA)


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