Vertical Farm


Vertical Farm design by Summer-Lily age 9.

In our Autumn workshop one of our ArchiMaker had the opportunity to uses their design skills which enhances an empty gas holders.

Her drawing was called "7 Shades of Green".

Summer- Lily used an existing primary structure of a gasholder to design a vertical farm. Her idea was to make an empty space into where people can come and enjoy. The primary steel structure would hold raised beds for growing fruits & vegetables. The harvested crop will be transported into the framer's restaurant located on the ground floor. Summer-Lily thought about how the crops could be irrigated. She drew a water channel which leads to the farm for the growth of vegetables. It is amazing to see young designers thinking about making our urban setting more in harmony with nature and self-reliant.

Curriculum subjects included Art, Design, Technology, 3D Spatial awareness & perspective

Workshop Co-Leaders; Abhiroop Bhattacharya (BArch) & Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA)

Workshop Author; Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA)


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