Archimake Camp Coordinator – skills development overview

Archimake RSHP LSE dwg

During my work as the Camp Coordinator and Business Development Assistant at Archimake, I had many skill development opportunities.

This rich experience helped me a great deal… Even in a short period of 3 months, I had the opportunity to experience professional skills such as work coordination, conducting professional relations, synchronizing task distribution with my colleagues, which I had not experienced to this extent before. And the most interesting and different part for me was that I experienced them in a remote working environment and tested my skills. In a way, this actually helped me to focus on myself on how I fulfil these duties alone in my own personal space.
Archimake has given me the opportunity to communicate with so many valuable and successful Architectural Firms. This has been very effective in increasing my self-confidence and getting used to the people of this new environment. I was very impressed to see that London has such diverse structure. First of all, seeing a diverse and welcoming structure among Archimake and the practices which I communicate with were a really rich initial experience for me. Establishing good relations in an environment where language, culture and race do not constitute an obstacle has satisfied and gave me a priceless feeling. I familiarized with some ways of communications day by day even though I had some hesitations while I needed to call practices at first. I truly felt that I am breaking my boundaries, which only I set to myself of not knowing what will happen.
Besides the personal growth.., I also developed really professional skills such as learning the right ways of sending a mail to a professional in terms of starting a communication. I had the chance to observe in which conditions they tend to respond or which company might answer in certain ways. This also happened because of starting to gain confidence.
As for the leading skills that Camp Coordinator position gave me, I learned how to carry out conversations with too many different companies at the same time and scheduling the agreed trip in to most mutually convenient date. While dealing with all these it was important to synchronize with my manager by informing her about the details of the conversations. Overall, things went smoothly and I am really happy to see at least one programme that I planned is already realized and it was amazing. But this is a constant job where I needed to still keep an eye on the other practices that I have been communicating and received positive intentions from to keep a track on which might be the potential future collaborative with Archimake. And this taught me to become more organized and see things in a bigger picture.
Zeynep Aktas