Parent Testimonials December 2021

Parent Archimake Testimonials Dec 2021s

Parent Testimonials What would you say your child enjoyed most about Archimake? What is the most valuable thing we provide your child? Additional Comments “Learning about different stadiums. I was […]

Archimake Alumni reflection 2

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Reflection of the Term Saniat began Archimake on our Training Program and became Lead Architectural Educator in Schools mid term. Below she describes her experience; “During my role as both […]

Archimake Alumni reflection

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Reflection of the Term by Archimake Alumni, Tasnia; “I am very grateful for being a part of Archimake. I believe Archimake is a substantial platform for young people who are […]

Best Archimakers Reviews

What do you like about Archimake workshops, what did you find challenging and what would you suggest to other children who like making things? Rock, (Yr 3) “Because I like […]