Archimake Alumni reflection 2

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Reflection of the Term

Saniat began Archimake on our Training Program and became Lead Architectural Educator in Schools mid term. Below she describes her experience;

"During my role as both a workshop leader and assistant at Archimake, I have had an enjoyable overall experience. Archimake encouraging equality in young people's education through architecture and engineering workshops is a great way to allow children of all ages to get involved in activities in relation to different architectural themes and build their portfolios. It is essential for children at a young age to receive motivation and the courage to take that next step forward in their ideas. As an Archimake team member I am grateful
for having the opportunity to engage with these young children and give them optimism towards their future. Also, having recently been a part 1 BA graduate I was able to really use this experience to reflect my recent studies through the delivery of these workshops.

I take a positive attitude in all the tasks I fulfill, therefore from both my roles as a workshop leader and assistant I have been able to use my communication skills to support future young architects and engineers in their learning process. Furthermore, having ensured to always use a confident encouraging tone of voice whilst leading the workshops not only keeps the students focussed but also evokes their curiosity towards the topics being explored. Asking a series of questions alongside the presentation boosts their creativity and encourages them to be confident whilst sharing their ideas with their peers. Moreover, from my time at Archimake I have noticed how the student’s really explore their best potential through model making. From my BA student experience model making has always been the best method in allowing me to visualise my design as well as explore it in context. Thus, there's no doubt in how beneficial model making is for young children, especially to excite them on their projects.

Overall, it has been an exciting experience being able to have made a positive impact on young future architects and engineers. Seeing the determination and brilliance of such young children makes me feel incredibly pleased to have had this opportunity."


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