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Reflection of the Term by Archimake Alumni, Tasnia;

"I am very grateful for being a part of Archimake. I believe Archimake is a substantial platform for young people who are interested in engineering and Architecture as it engages in providing all the students with life skills and helps them build their portfolios for their future careers. I also believe its a fantastic way for graduates like my come back and re-motivate. As every workshop consistently allowed me to relive my journey of studying Ba (Hons) Architecture from interacting with students to watching them present at end of term presentations; seeing and hearing their little bubbles of creativity explode throughout each task brings a smile to my face.

Archimake has provided me with the stepping stone to the architecture industry. As I have been able to pass on my knowledge; by utilising the sketching, modelling and planning skills I gained from my degree to teach and support the young architects and engineers to be from participating as both assistant and leader in the workshops. With both roles, I have kept students, engaged, enthusiastic and motivated throughout the tasks during workshops. As I explained the tasks clearly and encouraged them to think outside the box by asking them questions to understand what their idea is and to help them develop their ideas further. I am always positive around the students and I am a good listener which helps with supporting all students. Especially when a student is struggling through a task as it helps to just listen to their ideas and say “well-done that's great because ….”; so that it builds their confidence again and also opens up the opportunity for me to guide them to develop their idea further by giving suggestions about what to think about next. It also gives the students a good practice of presenting skills amongst his or her peers.

It has been nice being involved in the online classes through the lockdown. I would love to take action on delivering more classes online via Zoom, as its a great way for archimake to develop worldwide and learn skills for the future. As we all know technology is advancing and due to covd-19, I have realised the virus will have a great impact on the way people view jobs and classes. So it will be nice for archimake to expand on our online workshops as we can work remotely and adapt tech and design together to help the young Archimakers to become more digital. I also think it is a good way for involving kids around the world who may be interested in architecture and engineering but don’t have any opportunity to attend workshops like the Archimake classes."


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