Bodhi likes Archimake because…

Bodhi 1
Bodhi 1

Bodhi, (Yr 3)
What do you like about Archimake workshops and what would you suggest to other children who like making things?

"My parents inspired me to as they said I was very good at art and making things and I like buildings as I go to school in Kings Cross and I’ve seen many buildings being built. When I heard about Archimake, straight away I asked my mum to sign me up!
I liked making plan on how to make something and using all different cool materials to make them with.
It was making a house out of marshmallows and spaghetti,
it was very tricky & it took a 2 sessions of Archimake to make it but I loved it when it was finished.

The teachers are real architects who are really good a teaching you how to make things, they are really nice and make it really fun and when made my marshmallow house we could eat the marshmallow afterwards which was great!"

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