Archimake Newsletter 6 Summer

Archimake Summer 2022

Archimake Newsletter 6

Summer Term has flown by and our focus on Set Design has been hugely enjoyed by Archimakers! We have had 2 Summer Holiday Camps this Summer and both have been great fun. We have also submitted our first Archimakers to be assessed for their first Bronze Arts Award, the outcome is below!

Bronze Arts Award: 100% Pass Rate!

We are extremely proud of our Archimakers who completed the additional work required after the final presentations in order to be assessed for the Bronze Arts Award. We are delighted to share that ALL our Archimakers who have submitted for their first Bronze Arts Award have been successful in passing the assessment!
We are now pleased to confidently support our next Archimakers to follow suit in the coming terms ahead and are making this an option available for all Archimakers who have completed 3 terms with us and would like to do it.
The next level up in the Silver Award which we are also accredited for and any Archimakers who are interested to do this award can email us about this at any time to discuss the requirements. This award focuses primarily on leadership skills development in the arts.
Our Arts Award Moderation feedback was as follows;
“Clearly a lot has been achieved by the young people involved and the portfolios are effectively organised. Involvement and improvements in their own personal art practices can be seen throughout the production of written, visual and recorded evidence that is effectively organised and easy to follow. There is also some good reflection on the development of arts skills. The young people have also been able to successfully and effectively include information on skills that they would like to develop further in the future.
Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of an art form through being an audience member has been successfully supported both written and visual responses. Written, visual, recorded and written evidence supports the creative impact of the event and the comments and responses from others.
The young people have clearly reflected on what they have enjoyed and the value of their experiences. Visual and written evidence is clearly organised and effectively presented. Visual and audio presentations are particularly helpful and clearly demonstrate what the young people have learnt.
The young people have been able to convey their own art form knowledge and understanding effectively to others. There are some good elements of planning and preparation that are clearly presented and easy to follow.” E. Emanuel, Arts Award Moderator

Overview of the Summer Term

Archimake Summer Camp

Our first Summer Camp event was in collaboration with Little Architect at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and Archimakers were given a tour around the Projects Review 2022 exhibition! They also had 2 design challenges to complete, followed by lunch and a game of frisbee in Bedford Square!
Archimake Architectural Association School of Architecture Archimake Architectural Association School of Architecture 2 Archimake Architectural Association School of Architecture 3
Archimake Summer Camp
in collaboration with Little Architect at the Architectural Association School of Architecture
Learning from the Exhibition
Archimake Summer Camp in collaboration with Little Architect at the Architectural Association School of Architecture
Designing their own projects
Archimake summer camp in collaboration with Little Architect at the Architectural Association School of Architecture

Syrian Refugee Childrens Summer Camp

Our second camp was in collaboration with the Syrian Refugee childrens summer camp and we were invited by Cities for Children to give a workshop to 10-12 year olds. This was a great success and we look forward to repeating this in future.
Here are some comments from our Workshop team Matuesz & Farah;
“The first part of presentation was received extremely well and children were very engaged and tried to guess the names of characters and buildings. They’ve produced some really interesting house designs for their fictional characters adding colour, objects and other details.
Once the final task was finished we asked if there were volunteers to present their work and to my surprise quite a few children were keen to do it! We had 5 presentations in total from a spectrum of ages and I’ve even managed to convince one of the boys who talked very little English to show his work as he did a brilliant design. You could tell that the children were very proud of their work.
I would like to think that the kids really liked it and found it entertaining and interesting.
While I was taking the photos one of the girls approached me and said that she would like to become and architect and asked if I would recommend it. I felt overjoyed and proud and recommend doing a work experience with one of the London firms. We spoke about her drawing which was very good and she said that her father used to be an engineer when they lived in Iraq.”
“We were surprised to see how well they responded to our workshop. For example, one of the boys (10y) who hesitated to draw at first, claiming that he’s not good with drawings (because he’s scared to make mistakes). But after little encouragement, he was able to catch up and towards the end of the lesson, he even volunteered to make the presentation ! They were very appreciative and sweet too. At the end of the class, two of them even came forward and said “thank you” to us both.”
Archimake Refugee camp 4 1 Archimake Refugee camp 2 1 Archimake Refugee camp 1

Overview of the Archimake Summer Term Projects Review

We were delighted to have Andrew Williamson, illustrator of Harry Potter film sets and many other films including Marvel, join our event and give children feedback. We were also extremely grateful to have Irenee Scalbert, architectural historian and critic join us to give feedback. Both guests gave a wonderful presentation of their own work to the children to inspire them of possible future careers they may be interested in taking.

Archimakers tell us their feedback of the workshops here!

Archimake Summer 2022 Archimake reviewers Andrew Williamson Irenee Scalbert

Archimakers Summer 2022 

Georgia had participated throughout the presentation slides and eager to learn a lot about types of design ideas there can be. I applaud her resilience, her actions presented her true inner warrior to work hard no matter what.

Archimake Guest Reviewers

Andrew Williamson, Illustrator of Harry Potter & Marvel films &
Irenee Scalbert Architectural historian, critic, author and academic

Audience of Friends & family

Avid supporters of Archimakers on their design journey

Archimakers Portfolio Snippets

Shayam Lisa Simpson House model Mat model Lisa Simpson Lucy Wow
Shayam’s Lisa Simpson House design group model
Mat’s group model of a design for Lisa Simpson’s House
Lucy’s impressive orthographic drawings

More portfolio presentation snippets…

Archimaker Anna's drawing Archimaker Lucy Naruto House dwg Archimaker Scarlett C3PO house dwg
Anna presenting her drawings of Hagrids Hut
Lucy’s visualisation of her design for Naruto’s house
Scarlett’s C3PO house design drawing
Lucas's Naruto House Group Model Theo's colourful spongebob house drawing proposal Kai's plan for Scooby's house design
Lucas’s Naruto House Group Model
Theo’s colourful spongebob house drawing proposal
Kai’s plan for Scooby’s house design
Antons photoshop drawing of Spongebobs house design Antons LSE write up for Bronze Ars Award Andrew Williamson presenting his Harry Potter drawings
Antons photoshop drawing of Spongebobs house design
Antons visit to LSE with RSHP reflective write up for his Bronze Arts Award
Andrew Williamson presenting his Harry Potter drawings – the Weasley House
Hope you will join us at the upcoming Autumn Term. If you dont already have your childs place booked you can do so by clicking here to get one of the last few spaces available.
Archimake Team

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