Archimake Newsletter 5 Spring 22

Archimake modelmaking

Archimake Newsletter 5

This week was the children’s favourite since it meant finally working on models! Our children enjoy working on models and have been waiting the since the beginning to begin working on their designs- like true architects and engineers.  Based on their drawings for The Kew Garden Treehouse competition brief inspired by the two architects introduced in the first two weeks, Richard Rogers and Chris Wilkinson, the children worked in groups on the selected drawings.
The term is flying by so fast we are already preparing for our End of Term presentations! The event will take place on Saturday March 26th at 10.45-12.30pm. As usual we have our esteemed guests attending to give Archimakers feedback on their projects. We strongly recommend you come along with your child if you are thinking of booking next term. Please feel free to invite friends you think will be interested to attend. To get an idea of what to expect, 

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We also have our Easter Holiday Camp visit now available! A morning trip to see the RIBA award winning LSE building in Lincolns Inn Fields! Its a latest project by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners, so would be great for our Archimakers to see their first Richard Rogers project in real life. We will be given a tour by the project architect and will be also given a drawing workshop! On Friday 8th April 10-2pm.
Our workshops at our new venue at Katherine Warington School in Harpenden, have started well and this week we were very pleased to see Archimake after school workshops were mentioned in the school newsletter – Click here to see it! We have our largest group of Archimakers at KWS- 30! Its a hybrid lesson only possible as a result of the technology and how we have adapted our workshops to ensure they are still just as fun! This new form or workshop is proving a success story for Children’s University Westminster who have asked us to continue our hybrid workshops next term. We are looking to start these with more schools, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this with us.
Now on to the important things – Design work…!

Stars of the Week kew gardens treehouse kew gardens treehouse kew gardens treehouse

Conor & Oscar

The best model and team work capabilities creating it

Lucy, Seb, Maryam,  Tarun 

They confidently presented and shared ideas with the class

Mathilde, Anton, Kai, Lucas, Fatima

Making great models of their designs, despite how complicated their designs are. kew gardens treehouse design kew gardens treehouse lloyds building rshp

Georgie (7) 

Georgia had participated throughout the presentation slides and eager to learn a lot about types of design ideas there can be. I applaud her resilience, her actions presented her true inner warrior to work hard no matter what.

Sota & Zian (8)

The model making  was a wonderful collaborative effort from both children!

Toby (12)

Toby showed great drawing skills and concentration in his first Archimake workshop

Archimake Tutor Comments kew gardens treehouse kew gardens treehouse kew gardens treehouse
Group model based on Conor’s drawings for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

“The modelmaking workshop is always the one, one can tell how much they have learned in this time. Everything comes together – design, practical side of architecture and also structural elements. I like how innovative they get when solving all of these problems.”


This week the students worked really well in their teams and produced great models due to good team work


Complex 3 dimensional model making in the tree house designs for Kew Gardens 

Lucy was a confident communicator working well to make her design into a 3D along with Seb, Maryam and Tarun.


Modelmaking in progress, from 2D to 3D

They really enjoyed doing the model making and made an absolute masterpiece.


Understanding models physically and digital and knowing about Minecraft.


Archimake Team Latest kew gardens treehouse kew gardens treehouse kew gardens treehouse
Group model for the Kew Gardens Tree House project

This week we have sent out the first round of emails to schools!


Making the Tree House model for the Kew Gardens project

Working on YEEA and discussing the potential themes is quite exciting.”


Group 1 about to start on their Tree House model for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

Looking forward to our Holiday Camp visit to the LSE building by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners in the Easter Holiday!”


Denizen Works accepted having a Holiday Camp with us to the Floating Church! So exciting.”


Hope you will join us at the upcoming Presentation Event on Saturday 26th March and join us for the Holiday Camp on Friday 8th April!
Archimake Team

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