Archimake Newsletter 4 Spring 22 kai Kew gardens Tree house design

Archimake Newsletter 4

Our highlight of the week is that our Archimakers designs have been inspiration for a real architecture competition! We have collaborated with Unionne, a female led architecture consortium, Toca Architecture and Occulus Management who together selected 4 Archimakers designs to develop 2 submissions for the Kew Gardens Tree House competition. With the help of Evita, our Archimake workshop leader and Anton, one of our longest attending Archimakers’ together with Cheryl, our Founder, and Helen Taylor of Scott Brownrigg, we were able to prepare designs for 2 submissions for the competition in record time. The submissions looked great and we will share them soon!


We also have 3 new workshops starting this coming week! One will be at Katherine Warington School in Harpenden, and our other workshop is  online on Thursdays at 4.30-5.30. This will be a series of 5 weekly workshops and the first workshop will be on Thursday 22nd February and is open to any children aged 8-12. Additionally we have a new in person workshop on Sundays at Samsung in Coal Drops yard in Kings Cross from 12.30-1.30pm. The first workshop will bo on Sunday 27th February and is for children aged 5-8 years old. Bookings close 48 hours before the first workshop.

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This week has been very productive as well as stimulating for the students as they took the creative challenge of working on orthographic drawings for The Kew Garden Treehouse competition brief inspired by Richard Rogers and Chris Wilkinson. We are delighted that Wilkinson Eyre now follow us on Instagram!

Stars of the Week rufus kew gardens treehouse lucy kew gardens treehouse sota kew gardens treehouse

Rufus, age 12

Rufus was determined to do all the work as he had missed out a week and executed the drawings and brief really well and kept adding and improving his treehouse.

Lucy, age 10

Lucy’s design was chosen by the group to make into a model
“I liked the drawing of the different sides of my treehouse” Lucy

Sota, age 8

Sota was very smart in his decisions and answers mathilde kew gardens tree house Egshiglen kew gardens tree house kai Kew gardens Tree house design

Mathilde (8) 

Mathilde’s design was chosen by the group to make into a model

Egshiglen, age 9

Excellent focus in class and her drawing was detailed

Kai (13) 

Kai’s design was shortlisted by the group to make into a model and went into a tie breaker vote

Archimake Tutor Comments theo kew gardens tree house luc kew gardens tree house Tarun Kew gardens Tree house design
Theo (13) Orthographic drawing for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

“Each step in the workshops helps to develop their drawings further – different type of tasks along the term create these really advanced designs at the end. Happy to see some kids being really engaged in all the activities”


The workshop was really inspiring and got the young people really into the project as now they were taught about 3D perspective this challenged their views and sparked whether their designs were actually practical”


Luc (11) Orthographic drawing for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

Mathilde enjoyed the workshop and thought it was ‘so fun and exciting!


“This week was yet another successful but even better session. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Queens Park School. Our presentation this week was based on Chris Wilkinson and ALL QPS Archimakers were very eager to participate and excited to begin their drawings. The children were a lot faster with their drawings and were more involved with answering questions I had for them. I believe each week will get them to improve on their drawing skills and expand their knowledge even further.”


Tarun (10) Orthographic drawing for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

Yesterday’s session was really good we were a bit tight on time with this project as there was some technical difficulties – however they did do their best in the time they had. It was a bit of a challenge for them however I feel like they took on the challenge well and really executed the drawings well


Sota really enjoyed it and part of the treehouse project, he really wants to connect with people.”


Archimake Team Latest Ivan Kew gardens Tree house design Oscar Kew gardens Tree House conor Kew gardens Tree house design
Ivan (13) Orthographic drawing for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

This week we have finalised the leaflet to be attached to emails sent out to schools. We have also started compiling a list with contacts to reach out to .’


We are widening the reach for Archimake into more school across London.’’


Oscar (11) Orthographic drawing for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

Composing the Newsletter and going through the potential list of people for YEEA speakers.”


“We had a great time preparing the Kew Gardens Tree House competition submission this week being inspired by Archimakers designs. The submissions look great and it was a fantastic team effort to make 2 submissions within such a short timeframe!”


Conor (13) Orthographic drawing for the Tree house Kew Gardens proposal

“I prepared letters to the practices who won the RIBA National Award 2021, asking to arrange a visit on our Holiday Camp.”


Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Half Term break and we look forward to the next half!
Archimake Team

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