Archimake Newsletter 3 Spring 22

NBS 3 2

Archimake Newsletter 3

We’ve had a very productive week! Our holiday camp is being organised and new workshops have started! We are pleased to now be teaching an after school club at Queens Park Primary School in Westminster.
Also we have a new look to our website! It is now mobile friendly so you can open it on any device and have a consistently great layout, easy on the eye and easy to navigate. Please take a look and give us your feedback. Tied in with our new website we would like to apologise for our recent emails being a little errant. We had a new setting which triggered when we put up a new post, so apologies if you received more than one in a previous week. We promise this wont happen again!

Stars of the Week

NBS 3 2 KX 3 mathilde 8 NBH 3 zian 8

Luc, age 12

Achieved the brief to a great standard and was very determined.

Mathilde, age 8

A great job at completing her treehouse design with lots of different ideas all in one drawing

Zian, age 8

Zian came up with a really fun interactive treehouse all inspired by play and modernism design
Zians’ workshop summary; “I enjoyed the treehouse” 
Amaris' Pompidou Centre by architect Richard Rogers Eiliya Kew Gardens Tree House proposal



Amari, age 10

A really clear drawing with good use of rulers for the main building shape

Eiliya, age 11

A lovely animated tree house with imaginative structural supports including ropes to hold up tree house pods.


Tutor Comments

Arthurs Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Arthurs’ (11) Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Taruns Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Taruns’ (10) Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Sotos Kew Gardens Tree House Proposal
Sotos (8) Kew Gardens Tree House Proposal
“Some of the kids get so passionate when they have to start designing their own buildings – they really have no creative boundaries even within a task. That is something all of us could learn”

Evita, Archimake Tutor, Northbridge House Senior

They understood how to draw using a precedents influence and adapt their designs accordingly

Cleopatra, Archimake Tutor, Northbridge House Senior

“It was lovely to see Mathilde (8) light up when explaining all the different elements of play in her treehouse design, filling up the tree with so many exciting sports and games!

Nylda, Archimake Tutor, Kings Cross

“Danny who had questions on the structural aspect of the building. he questioned “How can the structure hold up the building?” he was really captivated on this section and wanted to know more. This indicates his interest for learning “

Busra, Archimake Tutor Queens Park

“This week was a really good workshop and they really enjoyed the freedom of creativity they had when designing their treehouse.”

Cleopatra, Archimake, Northbridge House Prep

“Sota said he had been to a treehouse and was mesmerised. It’s very nice (to see) younger students can appreciate architecture unintentionally.”

Tahir, Archimake Tutor, Northbridge House Prep

Archimake Team Latest

Felixs Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Felixs’ 13) Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Lucys Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Lucys’ (8) Tree house Kew gardens proposal
Conor Kew Gardens Tree House Proposal
Conors’ (13) Kew Gardens Tree House Proposal
This week I have worked on compiling the Archimake leaflet information, as well as putting together the graphics for the document.’

Raluca, Business Development Lead

“Created template for emails to be sent to schools.’’

Sena, Growth Manager Assistant

I wrote the content for the newsletter for this week and researched for the potential guest speakers for YEEA.”

Purvisha, YEEA Coordinator

“5 new followers on instagram in a week!”

Alyina, Social Media coordinator

“I completed the Excel Sheet of the RIBA award-winning projects based in London. I edited it by adding contact information of the practices and details such as links to project websites and typology of the projects.”

Zeynep, Camp coordinator



Have great creative week!
Purvisha & the Archimake Team

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