Archimake Award

We have been struggling to find an appropriate award for our Archimakers at the end of the term. There are lots of sports awards, lots of art awards, but no architecture or engineering awards for children!

We would like to invite proposals from our talented supporters for a new Archimake award which connects to the the skills our Archimakers achieve in drawing, model making, design and understanding structures.

We have a restricted budget for the award and therefore would suggest manufacturing such as laser cutting or folding would be ideal. A model in timber instead of glass or metal would also be more suitable for the age of our audience, and would also reinforce the eco-design aspect of architecture.

Please send initial design proposals to The deadline for submissions is Friday 1st March 2019 at 12pm. The winning proposal will be announced by 15th March. We look forward to hearing from you!

SATURDAY Workshops

N1: 10.15 - 11.45am

Online: 10.15 - 11.15am

Eventbrite - Archimake @ N1 Saturday 10.15-11.45am - Spring Term Jan - March 2019

Eventbrite - Archimake @ N1 Saturday 10.15-11.45am - Summer Term Apr-Jul 19

Eventbrite - Archimake Online - Saturday 9th Feb 10.15 - 11.15

Eventbrite - Archimake Online - Saturday 2nd-23rd March 10.15-11.15am

Eventbrite - Archimake Online - Saturday 16th Feb 10.15-11.15am

HOLIDAY Workshops

Summer Camp Lift N1

Spring Half Term Online

Eventbrite - Archimake Summer Holiday Architecture Workshops Wk 1: 22nd - 26th July 2019

Eventbrite - Archimake Online Half Term AM Workshops: 18th - 22nd Feb 2019

Eventbrite - Archimake Online Half Term PM Workshops: 18th - 22nd Feb 2019

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