Spring 2024 - Feedback from Archimake Community

Group 1

Lovely ideas and clear presentation B. I would like to see your drawings a bit closer .well done!

Well done B! The AI images were amazing and very creative

E; Good drawing skills

E's detailed studies were really strong. Lots of detail included in the portfolio which resulted in a wonderful model. The model construction was excellent and I really like how it has evolved.

B has been able to show confidence and the capability of talking independently. Presentation with colour, as well as description as to why what was drawn. Great explanation

Confident presentation style, well done. Your ideas are strong and the drawings include sustainable and interactive parts for the public. 🤩

Incredible amount of work and how the Archimakers thought at each stage. The model helped to show the area of the design.

E; You explain your final decisions quite well and are also articulate which is good. Your model shows group work well done, you should both be proud. 🌟

Well done A bit nervous but still quite confident

B spoke very clearly to present the ideas. Features of the ideas were very focused on people and being eco friendly. The waterfall is a really creative idea. Great teamwork. Wonderful use of AI

E: very good sketches. Need a little more little more input in your speech.

E: very good sketches. Need a little more little more input in your speech.

Confident delivery from B. Lots of good ideas that you explained clearly and entertainingly!

Confident presentation from B, maybe more focus on the new roof at St Paul’s - why the design had been chosen. Well done!

E; Well done on your beautiful drawings. Good ideas for your projects, art gallery area for st Paul's. Well done

E; Assured and clear!

Group 2

Your presentation is very articulate which is a good skill to have and your drawings are good as well. It would help if you focus on what you’ve done well, sell your project. Overall well done 🌟

S provides really clear explanations of the historical buildings, the drawing techniques used. The model was really well proportioned and showed a care for detail like plants and trees.

Great drawings from both of you! Also M, I thought the AI drawings were really cool and actually looked like a realistic event that could occur in the future.

M your drawings are really good and you can be more confident about them. Well done. Good AI images and nice creative and colourful model.

M; great explanation to the work thats been put in as well as the history behind it. Amazing lack of drawing with honesty with what was easy and what was difficult. Amazing

S nice models you made a nice project too. I can imagine it would be a lovely place to spend time in St Pauls with friends and family playing games and sports.

S was really clear and well spoken. It is clear she has a big passion for architecture. S presentation was clear and hold a lot of facts.

M: you have good self-awareness and gave intelligent critique of the strengths and weaknesses of your own work.Try and slow down your speaking.

Great presentation from S, great history behind the work with explanation to the purpose of each drawing along side who drew it

S you included some good facts about each of the buildings you had studied. I liked your model and you presented some fun ideas. Beautiful greenery in the AI. Speech was clear and well paced.

M speaks very confidently. He has good use of technical language. Sketching moving from 2d to 3d perspective was nice progression. The AI images were really strong, & model shows nice progress

S - nice presentation that really walks us through. Your model is visually interesting especially with the context you've included. You have a good grasp on self reflection. Well done

Great presentation from both

Group 3

O your drawings really progressed over the weeks and the way you show context is really helpful. You should develop that even more. Your presentation was also very clear and you took us along. ⭐️

>S - Your model’s starting off strong I think you should try finish it up. I like your drawings, something you can bravely explore is hand sketching and rely less on rulers. Well done ⭐️⭐️

O had really great progression in his sketching. Drawings became progressively more accurate and detailed. The model made great use of applied details to the surface of the card. Lots of material

O not only has the confidence to speak but also to interact and give knowledge in regards to the St Pauls Cathedral. Giving insight in his design and how hes made it

S: lovely clean lines in your sketches, they are very clear. Your new design for the cathedral roof was bold and innovative (if not to my taste!)

O: i love that you added the sun & people, clouds etc to your sketches, bringing them to life.You also thought-through and explained your ideas very well.

Really nice model as well. I think you’ll enjoy exploring more materials to show different texture and even human figures.

S progressed his sketching really well, achieving more detail and different outcomes. The football theme was nicely included into the building design. AI prompts generated some wonderful outcomes

Amazing drawings O. I love the pool idea.and that you put human scales into the project.well done

S good drawings you made it. I can see you are a football lover. Nice modern and futuristic rooftop project

Group 4

T showed a great approach to drawing especially the perspective. The model used scales materials that gave a lovely sense of size and proportion. The roof design was really well laid out. Great work.

J amazing detailed drawings of the cathedral. Well done! Nice community space you created on Notre dame cathedral.

Lovely project ideas T and amazing drawings.

T - very thorough work, your thought process and decision making showed through. Well done. Also your models are great, it’s nice to see you explored other materials with cardboard. Nice presentation.

J excellent sketches. Clear, confident delivery.

T: nice clear delivery. I loved the colour in the Notre Dame sketch. Your model and AI were beautiful.

Great work J! The drawings look amazing and are incredibly detailed

J - strong drawing and sketching language. I think you can explore shading techniques it’ll really bring your already great drawings out. 🌟

Well done T! I thought the model looked amazing and extremely professional. And S, I thought that your AI images were really well thought out and clearly well described too.

J has really expressive sketching technique which I really like. The detail of sketching excellent. He presents really well information and approach. Sketching not just the building but the area

Group 5

Well done T, the perspective drawings were great and I hope your model is alright 😂. Also well done L, there is so much detail in the drawings and the use of colour really brought them to life

T: really great sketches, clean lines and clear perspectives shown. I liked your idea of art gallery and lesson space -you really thought about what might be an appropriate use.

L produced excellent sketches using colour in detail. The model includes a range of materials which is very creative and explored ideas well. Excellent use of annotation.

T nice space for an art gallery and classes . Good ideas going on well done!

L; your sketches and drawings were attractive, with good use of colour.

T created very accurate drawings. The times sketching and orthographic I thought was really strong. The proportions of the model were excellent and showed great consideration of detail.

L; you made beautiful orthographic drawings. Also nice and creative sustainable design

Autumn 2023 - Feedback from General Public & Archimakers

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Group 1

Great presentations and loved the rollercoaster of doom!

Fabulous drawings! Love them!

T, really good drawings and well spoken presentation. Well done. I also loved your cubism drawing. O well done, very exciting journey you created. Lots of adventure and passion going on there

Group 2

L I loved your model and your orthographic drawings Really good ideas going on there well done!

S I like your imagination, creativity and your drawings are bold and confident. Well done!

Just realised I have more characters! Test things out, be confident, both really good, well done 👍🏻

L - very good model, very tidy and accurate

S. great imagination and representation of ideas and style of drawing. drawings of your model👍🏻 L. Fantastic drawings, not clear on screen. Good connection between model and drawings. 👍🏻Model

Group 3

Group 4

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