Bonfire Night

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'4 Shades of Blue' by Summer Lily age 9.

In our Autumn workshop one of our ArchiMaker had the opportunity to draw the Palace of Westminster with a Bonfire Night theme this time.

She used different shades of blues to highlight different details of the elevation of Palace of Westminster. The dark blue is used to show the outline of the elevation of the main structure. Other decorative elements have been added to show life in the drawing such as the use of yellow in the windows to show people using the space. Summer created her own story line : The fireworks contains blue paint and during fireworks the blue paint sprayed  over the Palace of Westminster to giving the building a blue feeling. The idea was very imaginative and ambitious using Bonfire night as a theme also taught Summer about the history behind why U.K celebrates Bonfire Night. It was also great to see the level of details she was adding to the drawing showing that she is pushing herself as an individual.

Curriculum subjects included Art, Design Technology, History and Maths & Science

Workshop Co-Leaders; Abhiroop Bhattacharya (BArch) & Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA)
Workshop Author; Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA)


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