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Archimake Newsletter 8

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly 1 or 1.5 hour In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

Our Latest WORK

NBH Senior Workshop Summary
Kings Cross Workshop Summary

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QPS Workshop Summary

In the workshop we explored design for thermal comfort. Through looking at different palaces, chimney's there was detailed information to explain how hot air and cold air moves. To showcase it more there was a focus on Paternoster Square vents. Finally to end the workshop the children drew orthographic drawings of the vents. The children really did a good job trying to draw the vents, showing shading and structure

Our Latest Drawings during the visit to the Angel Wings structure by Heatherwick Studio.

Archimakers learnt about how to meet cooling needs & power supply of large buildings. The visit to Heatherwixk Studio's Angel Wings project presented an inspiring and challenging drawing subject for Archimakers who did a great job!

Our Latest Models of the Angel Wings project by Heatherwick Studio

We introduced students to the 'Pleats Please' range by Issey Miyake, who sadly passed away in August 2022. Archimakers enjoyed learning about pleats in design and for the task returned to last weeks Heatherwick Angel Wings project to create their own paper model in the workshop. Some joined the Live Online workshop to complete at home and whilst abroad on holiday!