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Archimake Newsletter 9

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

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Latest News

Interviews with Leading Architects Available

We have a wonderful range of interviews with Architects and Engineers available! Interviews have been carried out by Archimakers who arranged a series of questions for their esteemed interviewees. Teatime Q&A is a series which we ran during the pandemic when children had less access to interesting educational experiences, and this was a welcome break to the norm for everyone! Now they are arranged for everyone to be able to enjoy them.

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5 More Schools with Childrens University
We’re delighted to have been invited to prepare a series of workshops for schools in the Childrens University Westminster for Spring 2023. We will give our remote workshops to 5 schools on the theme of sustainability and community – our favourites!
New Workshop times for 2023

Further to our notice in our previous newsletter our community has identified Sunday afternoons as the preferred new workshop times for 2023. Our new times are 12-1.15, 1.25-2.40 and 2.50-4.05. We hope these new times are suitable for our new families and look forward to welcoming new joiners.  Numbers are strictly limited to 10 children for each time slot.

Early Bird offer for Spring 2023

We presently have an Early Bird offer for Spring 2023! All 3 of our times slots are available at a 20% discounted price. The offer ends on October 31st. If the In Person spaces are filled we will offer spaces to our Live Online workshop. We have 10 spaces per time slot in person and 10 spaces in our Live Online workshops.

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Workshop Updates

NBS Workshop Summary

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Queens Park School Workshop summary
In the workshop we explored another artist Hussein Chalayan and his work alongside recapping on some of the work by Issey Miyake. Moving then to a drawing task of a coffee table skirt by Chalayan. When showing the video of the coffee table skirt, the children had a lot to share on how they found it to be impressive from being a table then turning into a skirt.
Kings X Workshop Summary

All of the children produced good quality drawings. Well done to everyone who joined us and it was excellent seeing everyone in person. Maryam was very enthusiastic about getting the details correct and enjoyed presenting her work at the end. Scarlett made a good start on shading and adding colour to her drawing. The Stars of the Week paid attention throughout and produced good quality drawings.

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QPS Workshop Summary

We asked the group  asked what they thought about Hussein Chalayan's coffee table skirt and Dan expressed how it was compact and that you could travel with it. It was really great to see the children really engaged in the workshop and they produced some really nice pieces of work.

Our Latest Drawings of Husseyn Chalayan's Coffee Table skirt

We learnt about another designer this week, Hussein Chalayan, whose designs cross over clothing and furniture design.

Stars of the Week!

Scarlett, Maryam, Liam, Lucy G, Dan, Felix

Star of the Week