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Recent Workshop Team Comments

NBHP Workshop Summary
I had the pleasure of teaching on the topic of Orthographic Drawing - on its importance and why we use it in design. These are some of the outcomes that came out, and I am proud of the outcome. The students had a great time approaching the topic! I can't wait for what we are going to do next week! - Solomon
They learnt about observation, hand to eye coordination, drawing, understand material, location and construction type. - Ivy
NBS Workshop Summary
At Archimake workshop this week the focus was on orthographic drawing techniques. The students got to explore and understand how orthographic drawings can make a great impact in architectural drawing.
To expand on understanding orthographic drawings, high quality examples of orthographic work was shown including work from an architectural portfolio project. - Christabel
Kings X Workshop Summary
Some fantastic drawings were produced this week by the students at the Archimake Samsung KX Group 1 workshops. Last term the students learnt about Orthographic drawing techniques when we visited the Angel Wings by the Heatherwick Studio. This term the students reapplied their knowledge to draw the Malaysian Vernacular House in Elevation, Plan and Perspective.
Some of the students even added Architectural Figures and trees to show scale in their work. The students also learned the importance of construction lines and how they can be used to keep a drawing to scale. - Charlotte
The students made some fantastic drawings that showed the plan, elevation and perspective of the Malaysian house. Building upon the drawing techniques they were taught the last term. - Saima

Our Latest Drawings of Orthographic Drawing Studies

We learnt about high quality contemporary examples of orthographic drawings showing materiality and depth through shading techniques.

Stars of the Week!

Kaity, Will, Thomas, Aylin, Can, Haruka, Camilo, Austin and Scarlett

Star of the Week