For children and young people aged 11-16

6 terms of guided learning hours required and 35 hours of independent learning.
Guided learning can be either 6 terms or 3 holiday camp weeks of workshops
Workshops can be in person or online
Either buy workshops separately or buy combined discount option below for new joiners

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project plan
project delivery

Silver comprises Unit 1 & Unit 2

Unit 1 has Part A - Part D

Unit 2 has Part A - Part E

See outline of both Units below

Unit 1; Arts Challenge

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and set your Arts Challenge!
Arts Challenge progress log - keep photos and reflect on how your progress is going
Visit 2 examples of good built environment design and write about your visit.
Identify an architect or designer and learn about their career.
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Unit 2; Arts Leadership

Identify leadership skills you wish to develop and a project to develop these skills!
Arts Leadership project plan - create an organised plan of how to successfully deliver your project
Log the delivery of your project and keep a photographic record of progress
Reflect on how you have worked with others and how you resolved any conflicts that arose.
Reflect on the entire project, what you learnt and what you would do differently.
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Step by Step Online Portfolio builder
Easy to complete steps for your child to progress through. Each step takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
Bespoke Online Portfolio Template
Simple portfolio structure provided for your child's portfolio. The Archimake Portfolio template is customizable and editable for your child to change as they like to suit their work and personality.
Cloud Portfolio storage
We provide the cloud storage for your child's portfolio so there is no need to worry about saving it or losing the work. We always have the latest updated version of their work as they progress.
Cloud Coursework Storage
Cloud storage for your child's linked digital files to ensure that the links are all unbroken and fully functioning. We also provide support with creating links to digital files in the cloud.
Complete in workshop or at home
The course is accessible anywhere your child has a device that can connect to the internet. So it can be done at home or started during their Archimake workshop (if they bring a laptop & have internet access) and finished at home later.
Archimake tutor feedback
Archimake tutor feedback prior to submission to identify any areas that need strengthened
Archimake Assessor Review
Archimake assessment of portfolio which is sent for external moderation
External moderator
External Moderator final assessment and verification that work meets qualification standards.
Certificate issued by Trinity College London, regulated by OfQual and Arts Council England

Example of Certificate

Certificate ed

Silver Award (no workshops)

Ideal for those who have already completed the guided learning in workshops
or prefer pay as you go method of booking

Silver Award + Workshops (Term Time)

Ideal for New Joiners & includes discount workshop rate!
Complete 6 terms (3 term per year). Start anytime!

We have bursaries available for ethnic minorities and/or girls who are passionate about design and architecture. Please click here to contact us about this

"I Love Archimake because I learn things I wouldn't learn at school"

- Archimake Level 1 Bronze Award holder, Age 13

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