168 Upper St by Groupwork Amin Taha

Archimakers enjoyed their visit to RIBA Award winner 168 Upper Street by Groupwork and Amin Taha. Simon of Aria kindly gave a presentation of the project to the group. Heres a little of Simon's presentation.

We learnt that the project has glue lam timber structure and is clad with specially cast terracotta coloured concrete tiles designed to echo the design of the building it abuts. Inset into the historical design cladding are windows which fit the new project set at different heights to the adjoining building.

The client chose this design over other architects in the design competition because it is an innovative taking into consideration the existing building and modern technology.

Archimakers loved the enormous door to the apartments and the misleading door knocker!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Simon of Aria, Amin Taha, Jason Coe and Groupwork for participating on the Archimake Summer Camp this year and sharing with our young group how innovative architecture can be.

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