Archimake Newsletter 19

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

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Workshop Updates

Week 2 Workshop Summary
All children engaged effectively. The children seemed to find the activity to be a constructive challenge, as seen by their silent concentration when it started. It obviously gave them a chance to turn their experiences into real results.

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Week 3 Workshop Summary
This week we looked at orthographic drawings! Archimakers had the opportunity to draw some really impressive architectural drawings, which are key components in the development of architectural designs. The children were keen to take on such a chellenging task and were able to complete them with some amazing drawings at the end!

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Week 4 Workshop Summary
First, the students were introduced to orthographic drawings and the main types of orthographic drawings. Then, examples for each type were shown to them. As the task for the day, the students were given the opportunity to choose a drawing from either the French Aquatic Stadium or the Beijing Olympic Stadium. They were instructed to draw the plan, section, and elevation of the chosen building.

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Week 5 Workshop Summary
It was great to see the children collaborating with each other and discussing strategies to figure out how to develop the model and find solutions to scaffold and structure it as well as to choose the most appropriate materials to make it look like the actual building.
The children engaged very well, as model making is usually a fun and exciting activity, very hands-on and interactive process. Some of the students were already familiar with it whilst others had never worked with 3D physical models before, so the type and level of challenge varied a little among the children. The collaboration between children and the support of the facilitators were very important for the success of the workshop, as the greatest moments and a great extent of the learning were triggered or happened through this collaboration.

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St Pauls 1 Model Making Workshop Summary

Despite the challenge of drawing a building for the first time for many of the children, they seemed to enjoy it and were very proud of themselves at the end of the session after seeing what they were able to achieve. It was very nice to see the children engaging in the activity and trying to pay attention to details when drawing the Beijing Olympic Stadium. The instructions were clear and helped them to take a closely look at the building.

St Pauls 2 Model Making Workshop Summary
The children seemed to enjoy the opportunity to engage with a more 'professional' type of drawing and be able to think and visualise the buildings they were drawing from different points of view.
St Pauls 3 Model Making Workshop Summary

First, fundamental model-making concepts and methods were presented to the students. After that, the students were divided into groups and handed supplies. The students assignment for the day was to select a structure from the Beijing Olympic Stadium or the French Aquatic Stadium. They were told to construct half or an elevation of the selected structure. Every kid participated fully and gave it their all to produce an original model.

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