‘Lightning temple’

Ridha Model 2
Ridha Model
Ridha Drawing

‘Lightning temple' by R. Sharifi , age 7

'Topography, Climate and Architecture'
In our second summer workshop, we learnt about architecture, climate and landscape differences in Europe and Asia. ArchiMembers were challenged to build a replica of Greek Parthenon temple, that sits on top of Tibetan mountain.

During the making process ArchiMembers had the opportunity to create a sense of story shown through the elevation drawing called “Super Temple”. I was pleased when they changed element of the temple which means they are developing their critical thinking skills. The new creation was called “Lightning temple”.

We were really happy that creativity drive took over the ArchiMemeber’s drawings and model making with brilliant outcomes.

Workshop author: Abhiroop Bhattacharya BArch(Hons)
Workshop editor: Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves (RIBA FHEA)

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