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Archimake Newsletter 11

Drawings and models created by Archimaker's during our weekly In Person and Live Online workshops this term.

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Archimake Silver Award
We are delighted to now offer the Archimake Silver Award which is a Level 2 National Qualification, equivalent to GCSE Grade 5-9. We have 3 children who have started the award this term. To be eligible, your child will need to complete 6 terms of Archimake workshops. We also have a fast track to complete the workshops by attending holiday camps.
Archimake Silver Award can be booked now as a full course with the workshops for new starters or the assessment alone.
Scholarship Award
We are pleased to have been informed that one of our recent Bronze Award Archimakers has secured a prestigious 11+ DT scholarship at a leading London school.
We are extremely pleased that Archimakers portfolios and certificates are resulting in them being identified as outstanding in the field of design education by outstanding schools in this way.
Let us know if you have any news of how Archimake has helped your child.
Early Bird OFFER - Summer Term
Summer Term workshops are now available to book.
We have a special Early Bird 20% Discount OFF the Full 10-week Summer Term 2023!
Click the link below to BOOK NOW!
Offer ends Sunday 12th February.

Workshop Updates

Kings X Workshop Summary

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Kings X Workshop Summary
I've always been a fan of Vernacular Architecture and to finally be able to teach such a topic to the young future, it feels like I have come full circle. Water plays such a vital role in our daily lives as well as in design - this week we took a step in exploring how water impacts the human race around the world. We explored monsoon seasons and how people who live in regions that experience these seasons have adapted this living style to accommodate.
Kings X Workshop Summary
This week's workshop introduced flooding and how Malaysian vernacular architecture uses key characteristics in the design to tackle this climactic issue. The students were set a task of drawing a vernacular building and adding context that would influence the reasoning for its design.
The children were very interested by the subject and came up with answers during the presentation. The drawing exercise was a success and everyone enjoyed it.

See the linkedin post

Kings X Workshop Summary
Brilliant workshop and a great response from more mature students. Everyone was interested in the subject and interacted during the presentation.
The children were really interested when they were introduced to what a Vernacular structure was asking for different examples. Really good engagement throughout this workshop.
They said they enjoyed the task and didn’t find it too difficult to follow.

Our Latest Drawings of vernacular Malaysian houses

This week we learnt about flooding and climate change, and how architecture is designed to respond to the changes.

Stars of the Week!

Stanley, Thomas, Celina, Haruka, Devin, Lucy, Jasper, Kaity

Star of the Week