Online Term 2020


Online Workshops

Click button below to join workshop using Zoom 5-10 minutes before workshop start time. Please download and register with in advance. If you experience difficulties it may be resolved if you create a zoom account with an adult or use an adults zoom account and try to join using Meeting ID after you are logged in.


Zoom Meeting ID for Archimake Workshop is: 246 601 5606

Please return here after the Workshop to leave your feedback, Thank you


After Workshop:

Drawings and Model photos


When uploading you will be asked for your 'First', 'Last' name & email.

For 'First name' enter your name or alias name (Please ensure your name is written on your drawing!)

For 'email' either give your email or archimake email; ''

Materials needed are;

Archimake paper (Click here for Archimake A4 Landscape paper)

If not Archimake paper, any paper will be OK

drawing pencil

coloured pencils or pens