Welcome to the Archimake Shop

Our shop lists some of the tools Archimakers are introduced to in our workshops and may wish to use at home. To save you the time of searcing and filtering for the right type, we have our preferred selections we recommend for use here. We also have other items available such as our custom badges and colouring books. Most importantly we hope the items in our Shop help to spread the enjoyment of ideas developed in Archimake workshops to be continued at home.

We have listed items below which are available online. Where the product recommended differs from the product that we use in the workshops that will be due to our need to bulk order making them unfeasible to use in the workshops. With some websites we will receive a small contribution from the seller if you use our link which will be gratefully received and go towards provision of workshop supplies in future terms.

To order an Archimake Activity Book or bespoke items such as your childs artwork as a fridge magnet, please email us; hello@archimake.org.uk.

For Autumn Term 2022

Tombow “Fudenosuke” Soft Brush Pen – Black

This is a calligraphy pen we recommend for Archimakers attending our Autumn 2022 Workshops. With this pen Archimakers will have the opportunity to continue to practise their calligraphy skills at home and thereby make noticeably greater improvement, as we will only be able to dedicate 1 or 2 workshops in which they can develop and practise their skills.

Pencil alternative

Children can also use a pencil for this task and we recommend using a ‘6B’ pencil, but any pencil between 2B to 6B will also work. Here’s a helpful tutorial on using a pencil and a suggested pencil if you dont have one at home.