Summer camp 2019 Coal Drops Yard by Heatherwick Studio

Archimake had an extremely inspiring talk from Tamsin Green and Jenine Noble from Heatherwick Studio revealing how the office comes up with their innovative designs! We were shown such a enormous array of inspiring objects in their office and the modelmaking rooms enabled lots of imaginative designs to be transformed into 3 dimensions.

Tamsin introduced more projects including the building that held seeds from Kew Gardens.

Archimakers were impressed with the Rolling Bridge design in Paddington which changes shape to open and close the bridge just like a caterpillar or hedgehog.

We enjoyed learning about the Routemaster bus design in detail and discovering some design secrets!.

Everyone enjoyed Tamsin's origami paper folding workshop to recreate our own Heatherwick air vents! We also learnt about the landscraper Google Headquarters building

Tamsin left the best until last - the introduction of the Coal Drops Yard project and how they came to the design that we see today. Fascinating!

We were delighted to have a special tour of the modelmaking rooms and see some of the models around their office!

Everyone found the models in the office fascinating! Especially as they took about 4 months to make!

After learning about the spinning top chairs everyone was very keen to give them a try. Fortunately we found them on the Coal Drops Yard balcony before we left for lunch and some decided they would be good seats to sketch the building from!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Heatherwick Studios for participating with the Archimake Summer camp and making the last day a highlight of the week for everyone!

Thank you also to Ashrita Seshadri and all in the new Samsung shop for providing a wonderful unexpected experience at the end of the tour!

The group loved designing and making their emoji eggs which were drawn with robotic pens, and being creative on a large scale on the graffitti wall. It was very hard to leave!

See the full video of the visit below (35 mins)

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