Term 1 2019-20

Autumn 2019 presentations & handouts

Week 8: Drawing Proposal

Coal Drops Yard plan
Coal Drops Yard plan

Week 9: Describing our Projects & Presentation Skills

Example presentation part 1

This video is not from begining of workshop. Workshop began by asking group to talk about how presentations are done. Then asked someone in the group to volunteer read the first question. Ask them to stand up to read it out and answer if they have an answer already. Say thank you and well done to the speaker when they finish.

Ask someone else to give their answer to the same question. When speaking have child stand up and read out. Try to go around the whole group. If they say something not written down, ask if they have written it and if not ask them to write it down now, so it is not forgotten. If a chid is finding it hard to write everything, let them make notes of their answers on the printout instead.

Give tips on presentation if they were fidgeting, or held paper too high up in front of their face, or if they started loud but went quiet towards the end. For children good at everything - ask them to think about looking up from their paper and making eye contact with audience every now and then - Archimake team or Parent.

If by 10.45, 30 minutes into the lesson, you have got to the end of the worksheet, there will be time for you to give each child a chance to read part or all of their presentation. I recommend you give out the plan drawing exercise and have everyone draw the plan whilst waiting their turn to practice speaking. If each child reads their text in 3-5 minutes you will be finished after 40 minutes. Keep an eye on the time so the last children havent got less time than the first. Put a timer on of 5 mins, and tell them if they run over their text may need to be made shorter. Encourage all the group to know that you are a team and when a speaker finishes everyone needs to give a huge round of applause! The speaker should say thank you for listening at the end and invite 1 or 2 questions. Have each child pair with someone who they would like to ask them a question at the end. Have them both agree during the workshop what question they will ask each other. That will be their first question and the second question could be from their own parent. Ask all the children to discuss with their parent what question they will agree to ask them after their presentation on the way home.

Children not speaking can start the plan drawing of Coal Drops Yard and show where their Kiosk is located by drawing it in plan on the drawing. The 'paired' children (who will ask each other a question) need to watch and listen to each others presentation and not draw at that time.